Still have some questions? Here is a list of common questions and answers!

“What do i have to do to join Cadillac Rockers?”

Simply turn up to the class of your choice roughly 30 minutes prior to class start time and one of our crew members will assist you with the enrollment process.

“When is the best time of month to start with Cadillac Rockers?”

Week 1 or 2 is generally the best time to join in for most people as we explain the routine from the very beginning steps. Some advanced dancers may be able to join on a week 3 or 4, providing they have a good understanding of the 6 step basics. 

“What is the best way for me to stay up to date with everything that is happening at Cadillac Rockers?”

Make sure you are following our Facebook Page to be in the loop with what’s going on. We try our hardest to ensure if there is any important new information, that we get in touch with everyone the best we can. Once you’ve attended a Cadillac Rockers dance class you will also be in our text message database.  

“What styles of Rock’n’Roll do you teach?”

Our weekly dance classes are generally 6 step Rock’n’Roll, but Cadillac Rockers teachers can teach all styles of Rock’n’Roll dance including 4 step, 6 step, 6 count, 8 step and more! 

“Do I need a partner to attend Cadillac Rockers dance classes?”

No, you are more than welcome to come on your own! At Cadillac Rockers Classes we ask our students to rotate partners multiple times throughout the duration of the class, ensuring no one gets left behind.  

“What clothing do I wear?”

Comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement and isn’t too hot whilst dancing. Cadillac Rockers Tee Shirts are available for purchase and you are of course always encouraged to dress up to the 50’s theme if you choose!  

“Are there any enrollment or sign-up fees to join weekly classes?”

No, we currently do not charge any enrollment fees when you join our classes, although we do offer a membership option to those who wish to receive weekly discounts and other great perks!

“How much does it cost to participate in a weekly class and how do I pay?”

Class entry is only $12 for non-members & $10 for members. This can be paid on a week by week basis when you arrive at class or you can pay by the month and receive 10% off your entry!

Payment options include “Cash” (please try and bring correct amount) or “Direct Deposit” only. Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept “EFTPOS” or “Credit Card” payments.

 “How do I book a Private Lesson?”

To book a private lesson, text or call Jake on 0413 388 528 or in person at a Cadillac Rockers dance class. (please allow minimum of 48 hours notice prior to lesson time)

 “Can you come to me for my Private Lesson?”

In most cases YES, we are more than happy to come to you so you can enjoy learning in the comfort of your own home! Additional fees  for travel and will occur in most cases. Contact us for quotes. 

 “How do I become a member?”

Becoming a member is easy! Simply fill out the online membership form.  Text Jake on 0413 388 528 to receive your membership number. 

Still need more information? Contact us now!

Phone:    0413 388 528