Still have some questions? Here is a list of common questions and answers!

“What is Cadillac Rockers?”

 Cadillac Rockers is one of Australia’s top Rock’n’Roll/Swing/Lindy-Hop style dance schools and online stores.

“What styles of Rock’n’Roll do you teach?”

Cadillac Rockers’ teachers can teach basic swing/lindy-hop along with all styles of Rock’n’Roll dance including; 4 step, Pressure Step, 6 step, 6 count, jive, 8 step and more! 

“When was Cadillac Rockers established?”

Cadillac Rockers was formed in 2012

“Where is Cadillac Rockers based?”

Cadillac Rockers currently does not have a shop-front but is based on the east coast of Australia with a pop up office in Murwillumbah, NSW and a home office on the Gold Coast, QLD. 

“What is the best way for me to stay up to date with everything that is happening at Cadillac Rockers?”

Fill in one of our newsletter sign up forms at the bottom of the home page to join our official mailing list.

Make sure you are following our Facebook Page to stay in the loop with what’s going on. We try our hardest to ensure if there is any important new information, that we get in touch with everyone the best we can.  

“When did Cadillac Rockers’ online store open?”

July 1st, 2020

“How long will it take for me to receive my purchases?”

As we initially start up we really appreciate your patience as we get our systems to settle in. As a result, orders may take anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks depending on order volumes. 

“What brand are the dance shoes you have for sale?”

Currently we only stock high quality dance shoes by “My Juju Dance Fever”.

“Can I order bulk quantities of dance shoes from Cadillac Rockers?”

Definitely! We will offer a discount when you order more than 10 pairs!

“How do I select the right dance shoes for me?”

Choosing your dance shoes can be a very personal decision depending on what level of cushion, slip & durability you prefer along with the type of dance you intend to use them for. If you are unsure, contact us and one of our experts will assist you with the decision making process. 

“What products can i buy on”

We currently have a range of products including; a massive selection of mens & ladies dance shoes, Merchandise & clothing. 

Stay tuned as we add more great products such as Gift Cards, Video Dance Lessons & more!

 “Do you offer shipping overseas?”

No, initially while we start up we are only offering postage within Australia, but don’t worry, international shipping will be coming very soon!

“Does Cadillac Rockers have a weekly dance class near me?”

Currently, we are not running our normal weekly dance classes due to the Covid-19 virus.  When we do resume it will be in the following locations; Murwillumbah, NSW,  Tweed Heads, NSW,  Gold Coast,  QLD.

“When will Cadillac Rockers’ weekly dance classes resume?”

We are hoping to resume normal weekly dance classes by January 2021, but stay tuned incase that happens even earlier!

“When is the best time of month to start weekly dance classes with Cadillac Rockers?”

The first week or 2 of the month is generally the best time to join in for most people as we explain the routine we are dancing from the very beginning, starting with the basic steps. (Some advanced dancers may be able to join on a week 3 or 4, providing they have a good understanding of the 6 step basics.)

“Do I need a partner to attend Cadillac Rockers’ weekly dance classes?”

Normally No, you are more than welcome to come on your own! At Cadillac Rockers Classes we ask our students to rotate partners multiple times throughout the duration of the class, ensuring no one gets left behind… Due to Covid-19 we may need to review this before recommencement.   

“What clothing do I wear?”

Comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement and isn’t too hot whilst dancing. Cadillac Rockers Tee Shirts are available for purchase along with some awesome vintage style fashion as you are of course always encouraged to dress up to the 50’s theme if you choose!  

“Where can I get a private, couple or group dance lesson?”

Private, Couple & Group lessons can be done from the comfort of your own home or come to us at “Tweed Creative Studios”, Murwillumbah. Looking for somewhere on the Gold Coast? Contact us for more locations.

 “Can you come to me for my Private, Couple & Group Lessons?”

In most cases YES, we are more than happy to come to you so you can enjoy learning in the comfort of your own home! (Additional fees  for travel may occur if travel time exceeds 30 minutes). Contact us for quotes. 

“How do I book in for a private, couple or group dance lesson?”

Simply fill-out one of our contact fields on the website, email us at [email protected] or call/txt Jake on 0413 388 528. (please allow minimum of 48 hours notice prior to lesson time)   Stay tuned while we set up our new automated lesson booking system.

“Does Cadillac Rockers have any video dance lessons available?”

Not yet, but VERY soon! We are currently hard at work in the editing process of our dance tuition videos that will be soon available for download from our online store. 

 “Should I attend the dance lessons in person or just download the lesson online?”

We recommend attending a weekly class or booking in a private session to get the most efficient results, but of course if you can’t see us in person or are still building the confidence then our video lessons are perfect for you! 

Still need more information? Contact us now!